Terms & Policies



Reservations can be made through the CrossFit Montavilla website. Please reserve your class time at least 1 hour prior to arriving to the class time. Reservation of class times are the responsibility of the member-athlete. 

Arriving and CHECKing-IN:

Please arrive on-time to the class you have reserved for yourself. We understand "life happens" so do not kill yourself getting to the gym but make the effort to leave with enough time from where you are coming from in order to arrive on-time to class. 


We ask that you do not abuse the facilities of CrossFit Montavilla. If you accidentally break, damage, wreck, or maim anything at CrossFit Montavilla, please, let us know!! We aren't looking to shame you but we would like to have a conversation as to how best remedy that which has been broken. 


CrossFit Montavilla has your best interests in mind but we do not read minds. If you have an injury or condition that needs to be addressed so that you can be successful in a workout or movement it is your responsibility to let the staff know. We want you to be able to perform at the best of your ability...for many many years to come!!

Media Content

All pictures, video, and audio used on CrossFitMontavilla.com are either created by CrossFit Montavilla or content that has been given proper recognition per the guide lines given by CrossFit Inc.